DEENK 2019 Reconstruction Plans

The reconstructions concern the two largest units of the DEENK: Arts and Sciences Library (ASL), located in the University’s Main Building, and the Life Sciences Library (LSL).

As part of the reconstruction:

  • The Main Reading Room of the library in the ASL will be furnished with modern furniture and the interior space will be rearranged;
  • A nice and comfortable reading space will be created in the hall of the ASL, where numerous classic and popular literature will be placed on the open shelves;
  • At the same place borrowing will be available via RFID terminals;
  • A former stack will be converted to a community space, which will provide space to host our cultural programs (such as Cozy Concerts);
  • The same stack will host a makerspace;
  • In the LSL, on the 2nd floor borrowable study rooms will replace the journal shelves;
  • In the LSL, on the 3rd floor, besides the study rooms, a multifunctional lecture hall will be constructed as well.


  Construction Notices
From 29 July the 2nd floor of the ASL will be closed off as the first stage of the large-scale reconstruction works begins.
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Due to reconstruction works some restrictions and inconveniences will occur. Continue>>
Due to reconstruction works, the delivery times of the stack requests in the ASL will change. Continue>>
The service of the collections at the ASL will change. Continue>>
Copy Center services during the reconstruction works. Continue>>
Collection Relocations. Continue >>

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