Library Services for Disabled Users

Services for people who are blind or visually impaired

All library computers are equipped with assistive technologies to provide computer access for people with disabilities.  

A hand-held digital magnifier is available for on-site use at the Arts and Sciences Library, the Life Sciences Library and the Kassai Street Campus Library.  

At the Life Sciences Library, the elevator is equipped with Braille labels and voice announcement system.  


Workstation for visually impaired people

At the Arts and Sciences Library on the first floor we established a separate work station for the visually impaired people, where the following functions are available:

  • Screen-reading Software (Jaws 17.0);
  • Braille keyboard;
  • Text-to-speech Software.

Services for people who are physically disabled

The Life Sciences Library and the Kassai Street Library have automatic entrance doors

Once you are in the Library, you can reach upper floors by using the barrier-free elevators

Accessible toilets are also available within the libraries.  

The main entrance door of the Arts and Sciences Library (University Main Building, 1st floor) opens with a push button that provides easy access for disabled people. The 2nd floor of the library is only accessible from the second floor of the main building through room 201. To enter the library through the second floor, use the door phone.

Updated: 2021.02.19.