Collections by Academic Disciplines

The following list shows the distribution of the collections of selected academic disciplines.   

The collections of certain disciplines are housed in different units. If two or more libraries are listed after a discipline, the first library is the one that primarily collects the literature of a given discipline.


Academic Disciplines Subdisciplines Library
Agricultural Sciences Veterinary Sciences BCLLSL (pets)
Animal Husbandry BCLLSL (pets)
Food Science BCLLSL (Plant Physiology,Zoology,  Hobby Gardening); EL (Horticulture)
Forestry and Wildlife Management BCLLSL
Multidisciplinary Agricultural Sciences BCLLSL
Plant Breeding in Horticulture BCLLSL
Complex Agricultural Sciences BCLLSL
Humanities Philosophy ASL;
Literary and Cultural Studies ASL;
Media and Communication Studies ASL;
Multidisciplinary Humanities ASL;
Studies in Arts and Civilization ASL;
Ethnography and Cultural Anthropology ASL; PL
Pedagogy ASL; PL
Sports Science ASL;
Linguistics ASL;
Psychology ASL; PL
History ASL;
Religious Studies ASL;
Theology Theology ASL;
Engineering Studies Agricultural Engineering BCL
Materials Science and Technology ELASL
Bio- and Chemical Studies LSLBCL (biotechnology)
Architectural Studies EL
Civil Engineering EL
Mechanical Engineering EL
Information Science KCLASLBCL
Military Engineering ELASL (historical)
Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering Studies ELKCL;
Multidisciplinary Engineering Studies ELASLKCL
Electrical Engineering ELASL;
Arts Architectural Art ASLEL
Film- és video Art ASL;
Applied Arts ASLEL (design)
Fine Arts ASL;
Multimedia Art ASL;
Theatre Studies ASL;
Dance and Movement Studies ASL;
Music LSL;
Medicine Health Studies LSLKCL (Health law)
Theoretical Medicine LSL;
Pharmaceutical sciences LSL;
Clinical Medicine LSL;
Multidisciplinary  Medicine LSL;
Social Sciences Study of Law KCLASL
Managemenet and Business Administration KCLBCL;
Military Studies ASL (history); EL (engineering)
Administrative Science KCLASLBCL
Multidisciplinary Social Sciences KCLASLBCL
Political Studies ASLKCLBCL
Police Science KCLASL
Sociology ASLKCLPL 
Natural Sciences Biology LSLBCL (Agriculture)
Earth Sciences ASLBCL (Water management, Meteorology)
Chemistry LSLBCL
Environmental Sciences ASLLSLEL (Environmental Engineering)
Mathematics and Computing Science ASLBCLKCL
Multidisciplinary Natural Sciences ASLBCL; LSLKCL;

Updated: 2019.02.21.